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Aerospace Fluoropolymer Parts

Providing peace of mind and quality assurance

Materials for Aerospace Application Challenges

Need to handle extreme temperatures, use authentic materials, and save weight? Get complete material certifications and traceability, plastic materials expertise, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and a decade of aerospace experience, all from one source.

No room for error in manufacturing

Prototype before bulk order

Reduce lead time by express delivery

Thrid-party test to minimize risk

Typical Applications in Aviation Industry

PTFE PartS 2

01 PTFE parts

PTFE Parts

02 PTFE parts

Our lightweight fluoroplastics are trusted by world leading aerospace companies to keep passengers comfortable, protect key electronics and improve the reliability of mission-critical components.

With innovative materials from the world’s leading manufacturers–including plastic with compounding PTFE, carbon graphite, and other additives–we can help you meet the most demanding specs or applications.

PTFE PartS 2

PTFE parts

PTFE Parts

PTFE parts

Proven Materials in Aerospace

Dechengwang offers a wide range of plastics passing the standard of FDA and RoHS. Our aerospace parts have undergone additional tests for smoke density, toxicity, and heat release to meet the requirements of the Airbus standard.

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