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Industrial Components

Dechengwang provides a wide range of compression molded and precision-machined components from a variety of PTFE / PTFE Compounds and engineering plastic materials to meet made-to-order OEM industrial components.

PTFE Semi-Finished Products

Do you manufacturer PTFE parts yourself or are you looking for PTFE semi-finished products? As an expert in PTFE filed, we could recommend the suitable material size and guarantee quality for you.

We're the Technology Partner for the Most Challenging Industries

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We offer a number of materials that can withstand the chemical resistance, high purity, and high operating temperature.

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Food and Beverage

Engineering thermoplastics to support the food industry’s need for reliable, traceable, and cost-effective machine parts.

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Impress with low weight characteristics, excellent chemical resistance, and fire behavior.

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Increase performance and safety, and reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact.

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Electronics and Semiconductors

A combination of highest quality, tightest tolerances, excellent dielectric properties at high temperature makes our parts your best choice.

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Mechanical Engineering

Combining tightest tolerances, slipping characteristics and small friction coefficient makes PTFE the correct option.

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Oil and Gas

Our virgin and compounding materials can withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Provide OEM PTFE components to critical industries

PTFE components are key part in some critical industries. We understand your challenges, and you will have our words on your PTFE component requirements.

Tolerance of ±0.002 inch

Components in small and large volume order maintain tight tolerance, Statistical process control(SPC) ensure consistency of size.

100% Traceable

Each and every component we produce is recorded and traceable under ISO quality management system.

Compatible Machining

We are capable of providing cost-effective planning of compatible machining techniques, in quick lead time.

Get Started and Get Free Samples

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Our full capabilities ensure accuracy, high-quality work for each order. We have various of quick-turn facilities to complete your OEM orders with a number of processes. These services include the following:

• Molding capability

Basic shape including blocks, small plates (square or rectangular), short sections of rod & tube, rough disks, near net shape blanks, and ability to automatically molded completely to finished dimensions.

• Machining capabilities

Including turning, milling, lathing, turning-milling, grinding, honing, bonding, tapping, Etching, annealing, stamping, and other processing centers, with both precision tolerances and surface finishes.

• PTFE semi-finished products

ASTM standard, quality guarantee.

Our Clients

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