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Ball Valve Seats

Seats and inserts, which are important components in the valve industry, as a critical component, PTFE is very often to choose as the raw material. PTFE provides a low friction seat, with excellent media compatibility. Filled grades provide wear resistance and can support seating loads of the higher class of valves.

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Why Order PTFE Seats from Us?

Our strength lays in our people; our machine, and our ISO system control: 1) Over 13 years focus on PTFE filed, our machinists are Highly Experienced With PTFE Grade and machining skills. 2) We operate multiple, automatic, high speed and precision facilities(like Tsugami), a strong engineering team that guarantee both short-run and large production runs ; 3) All orders are manufactured to the ISO 9001 certified process control. Your orders are always Traceability.

DCW PTFE Ball Valve Seats Designed for Your Application

  • Extreme Toughness
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Wide range of Materials Available

Samples of Our Work, RoHS & FDA Compliant

Carbon filled PTFE ball seat 1

Carbon PTFE Compounds ball seat

PTFE ball valve seal

PTFE ball valve seal

PTFE Ball valve seat

PTFE Ball valve seat



PTFE Seat 1

PTFE Seat 1

PTFE seat

PTFE seat

PTFE Seats

PTFE Seats

ptfe sphere

PTFE sphere

PTFE valve seat

PTFE valve seat

Ball Valve Seats Materials Selections

Material Name Compound % Main Properties


PTFE / Very low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance.

FDA approved

Glass Filled PTFE Up to 40% Improved ware resistance, compression strength, creep resistance, chemical resistance. Good performance in oxidising environment, good creep resistance. White cream
Carbon Filled PTFE Up to 35% Improved electrical and termal conductivity, resistance to load, low coefficient of friction in dry, water, steam applications, chemical resistance. Superior ware resistance increase and low friction properties. Black
Graphite Filled PTFE Up to 25% Improve wear resistance, decrease friction and increase sliding properties against soft metals- chemical inertness. Improve the temperature resistance in some way.


Bronze Filled PTFE Up to 60% Improved compression strength, wear resistant, high thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion. Reduced chemical resistance.


Dark Brown
Molybdenum disulphide(MoS2) Filled PTFE up to 5% Increased PTFE properties of hardness and wear resistance. Increased sliding properties and decrease friction.


Blue azure
PEEK Filled PTFE Up to 20% Increased thermal resistance, sliding properties, surface hardness. Superior properties on dynamic applications.


Light Brown
PEEK / Excellent mechanical properties including strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low wear rate and low coefficient of friction, retained over a wide range of service temperatures Light Brown
PEEK compound / Improves technical and chemical properties like deformation under load, wear resistance, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity. /
PVDF / Resistant to UV radiation and offers high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Beige
PCTFE / Better mechanical properties than other fluoropolymers, low permeability


PFA / Excellent chemical and temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent processability Natural

Industrial Customization


Custom Performance & Design

In house material compound capability and rich experience in PTFE filed can full fill your PTFE PEEK ball valve seats, PTFE ball and sphere needs.


Small or Large Order

We offer on-demand manufacturing according to your actual order volume. No business too small.


Custom Machining

We'll review your volume & design, to determine a most cost-effective approach to your PTFE seats from our in house PTFE compression molding and PTFE machining.

Your Trusted PTFE & PEEK Ball Valve Seat Manufacturer

Wide Material Selection

We have a diverse choice of materials, allowing us to precisely design everything to meet your specifications and make a high-quality PTFE/PEEK seat.

Free Samples

You may also get free samples of PTFE seat ball valve to ensure that you are engaging with the best supplier in the market and getting quality components.

Excellent Custom Service

As one of the top ball valve seat manufacturers, we provide great custom service with customized materials for high reliability and quality.

Serve For Wide Industries

As a professional machined parts supplier, we have significant years of experience with clientele in different industries and can manage the varied expectations of different businesses.

Quality Management

Our quality management team guarantees that both the raw materials and the finished products like PTFE valve seats are of the highest quality in order to provide you with the best service possible.

Molding & Machining Techniques

PTFE ball valve seats are created using precise machining techniques and, in particular, semi-finished material because of the high requirements of chemical, mechanical, and thermal applications.

Dechengwang PTFE PEEK Ball Valve Seat & Ball, Sphere

Ball Valve Seat

A ball valve seat is in charge of sealing the fluid inside and spreading the seating stress uniformly. 


Our polymer ball valve seats help to distribute seating stress equally and are usually soft enough to adhere to the curve of the ball, resulting in a solid seal. Ball valve seats have a number of material needs in order to function properly.

PTFE Ball Valve Seat Advantages & Application

The ball valve seat helps to distribute seating stress equally and is usually soft sufficient to adapt to the shape of the ball, resulting in a solid seal. To function properly, ball valve seats must meet a number of material specifications. 


Low friction, adequate ductility to produce a dependable seal, good stress rebound, high stiffness, and great wear resistance are all essential features.

High-Performance Materials for Ball Valve Seats

Ball valve seat materials must also be chemically resistant, have stable qualities even at extreme temperatures, have low water absorption, and have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion when used in important applications in harsh environments. Ball valve seats must be able to withstand extended exposure to hot water, steam, or possibly caustic cleaning agents in applications that need sterilization.


Due to its extremely low friction and high chemical compatibility across a wide range of chemical types, PTFE seats frequently rank towards the top of the list as a ball valve material. It comes in a variety of FDA-approved grades and is non-contaminating.


PTFE, PEEK, TFM, PCTFE, Acetal, Vespel, and other thermoplastics are commonly used for ball valve seats. We offer PTFE seats, PEEK seats according to your material selection.

ptfe sphere

PTFE Ball, Sphere

Our PTFE Balls are ideal for commercial applications that need a neutral, corrosion-resistant sphere with the cleanliness, relative density, and excellent thermal stability spectrum that only PTFE can give.


Ball valves control the flow of fluid and pressure within a pipeline, but their effectiveness and safety are only as good as the seat material utilized. 


Ball valve seats must be reliable and strong, whether used in a petrochemical application where a leak might be disastrous to the ecosystem or in a pharmaceutical facility where cleanliness and sanitation are vital. 


A ball valve is made up of the valve’s body, body cap, stem, hollow ball, and spherical ball valve seat. We provide high-quality, certified, and FDA-approved PTFE balls to meet all your industry requirements and demands.

PTFE Ball Advantages & Application

  • Temperature range of operation
  • Chemical resistance to the most caustic liquids or gases
  • The coefficient of friction is quite low.

PTFE balls are utilized in chemical handling pumps, check valves, ball bearings for mild loads, volume displacement balls for chemical baths, and a variety of other purposes.