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Fluoropolymer Lab Supplies

Recently the challenges of the chemical laboratory are complex and multi-faceted. In addition to meeting all the requirements, the material must be pure, stable, and safe.

Dechengwang uses high-performance and homogeneous density PTFE/TFM material for our chemical laboratory customers because of its outstanding technical properties, like chemical resistance and allows working temperatures up to 260 °C. The extremely anti-adhesive, smooth surface paired with the hydrophobic behavior ensures low cross-contamination and ease of cleaning.

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Why Order PTFE Labware from Us?

Benefit from our rich material and manufacturing knowledge and supplemented with outstanding capability in isostatic molding and machining, We are sure that we can offer our customers the most appropriate products, materials, and solutions to meet current and future expectations. Serving the needs of all industries:

  • Laboratory
  • Microwave digestion
  • Analysis
  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceutical

DCW PTFE Labware Designed for Your Application

  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • Insolubility & purity
  • Sterilization
  • Reduced obstruction and installation
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Samples of Our Work, RoHS & FDA Compliant

PCTFE Multi way valve

PCTFE Multi way valve

PTFE Beakers

PTFE Beakers

PTFE bottle

PTFE Bottles

ptfe vials

PTFE Vials

PTFE wafer carry

PTFE wafer carry

TFM Vessel for digestion sets

TFM Vessel for digestion sets

TFM Vessel with PFA Cap

TFM Vessel with PFA Cap

TFM Vessels

TFM Vessels

Labware Materials Selections

Material Name Compound % Main Properties Color
PTFE / Very low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance.

FDA approved.

Glass Filled PTFE Up to 40% Improved ware resistance, compression strength, creep resistance, chemical resistance. Good performance in oxidising environment, good creep resistance. White cream
Carbon Filled PTFE Up to 35% Improved electrical and termal conductivity, resistance to load, low coefficient of friction in dry, water, steam applications, chemical resistance. Superior ware resistance increase and low friction properties. Black
Graphite Filled PTFE Up to 25% Improve wear resistance, decrease friction and increase sliding properties against soft metals- chemical inertness. Improve the temperature resistance in some way. Black
Bronze Filled PTFE Up to 60% Improved compression strength, wear resistant, high thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion. Reduced chemical resistance. Dark Brown
Molybdenum disulphide(MoS2) Filled PTFE up to 5% Increased PTFE properties of hardness and wear resistance. Increased sliding properties and decrease friction. Blue azure
PEEK Filled PTFE Up to 20% Increased thermal resistance, sliding properties, surface hardness. Superior properties on dynamic applications. Light Brown
PEEK / Excellent mechanical properties including strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low wear rate and low coefficient of friction, retained over a wide range of service temperatures. Light Brown
PEEK compound / Improves technical and chemical properties like deformation under load, wear resistance, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity. /
PVDF / Resistant to UV radiation and offers high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Beige
PCTFE / Better mechanical properties than other fluoropolymers, low permeability. Translucent
PFA / Excellent chemical and temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent processability Natural

Industrial Customization


Custom Performance & Design

In house material compound capability and rich experience in PTFE filed can gull fill your PTFE project.


Small or Large Order

We offer on-demand manufacturing according to your actual order volume. No business too small.


Custom Machining

We'll review your volume & design, to determine a most cost-effective approach to your PTFE part prodcution from our in house PTFE compression molding and PTFE machining.

Your Trusted PTFE Lab Supplies Manufacturer

Wide Material Selection

DCW offer wide material selection for labware products. Our PTFE Teflon breakers, PTFE Teflon bottles and

Free Samples

You can also create a design and receive a free sample of the product. So don’t be late! Give us your drawings for free PTFE or fluoropolymer parts samples!

Excellent Custom Service

DCW supplies a large range of PTFE productions for chemical industry. We work with our customers to provide customized Teflon bottle, Teflon breakers and other PTFE labware products.

Serve For Different Industries

As a competent machined parts manufacturer, we have many years of professional experience with customers in a variety of industries and can meet their needs.

Quality Management

We follow a stringent quality control procedure. Our quality control starts with the examination of arriving materials and continues through the process, with the end product being inspected for quality assurance.

Molding & Machining Techniques

Our fast turnaround machining ensures your bulk precision.Our PTFE compression molding presses were custom designed for the particular molding characteristics of PTFE resins.

Typical PTFE Teflon® Labware Products

PTFE Teflon® Breakers

PTFE is an organic chemical made by polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene in a water emulsion to prevent chain reactions, which we use to make our breakers, an essential PTFE labware product. Because it has a compact symmetrical structure of atoms that is exceedingly dense, the substantial carbon and fluorine bonds give a strong chemical coupling. This gave PTFE chemical and thermal stability, making it one of the most widely used compounds across all industries. It is used in a fluid separation PTFE vessel with a tubular conduit to facilitate the separation of liquids of different densities. These PTFE breakers are made of solid PTFE and will not damage the glass lining of the vessel nozzle or flange face. The Teflon Breakers will resist corrosion, abrasion, and wear.

PTFE breakers
PTFE bottle

PTFE Teflon® Bottles

Teflon® bottles are among our high-quality PTFE, PFA, and other fluoropolymer bottles, which are part of our Teflon labware products. Chemically and corrosion-resistant, and typically autoclavable, PTFE bottles can handle a wide range of solvents, acids, and bases that other resins can’t. Machine finished heavy wall, wide mouth air tight PTFE bottles with screw closure for easy cleaning. PTFE bottles are virtually impervious to chemical attack, with the exception of high-temperature fluorine-containing compounds and molten alkali metals. The temperature range for working is cryogenic to 260°C. Non-sticking.

PTFE Teflon® Vials

Chemically inert, non-contaminating, and thermally stable in the range of -200°C (390°F) to + 280°C (+536°F), PTFE vials are a good choice. The vials have a “very smooth” texture on the interior and outside, making it nearly impossible for anything to “stick” to them. Chemical compatibility is maximised with PTFE, PFA, and Teflon Vials. PFA, PTFE, and Teflon vials are frequently used to prepare and store a wide range of materials for sensitive assays. The inert qualities of Teflon allow for the most rigorous acidic sample preparations without danger of contaminating or adulterating the original sample material, and the smooth surface and high service temperature range make them excellent for use directly on a hot plate.

ptfe vials