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Fluoropolymer Parts for Food and Beverage

Built to ensure optimal sanitation and consumer safety

Materials for Food-Contact Challenges

High performance plastics and engineering polymers benefit from very low coefficients of friction, which ensures a smooth and thus hygienic surface. Dechengwang can bring lightweight and easy-to-machine properties to the table as an alternative to their metal counterparts.

Low-friction, good wear

Chemical and stain resistance

Temperature resistance

FDA standards

Typical Applications in Aviation Industry


01 PEEK gear


02 PEEK part

PTFE Bellows

03 PTFE bellows

PTFE Diaphragms

04 PTFE diaphragms

Virgin PTFE is approved for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and packaging industries. Thin film and sheets create an inert, non-toxic slide surface where microbes can’t grow.

Whether you require a prototype or a high-volume production run, Dechengwang has a solution at the ready. Our team offers extensive in-house fabrication and machining services and can work directly from CAD drawings or blueprints. If you don’t have a drawing or blueprint, we can reverse engineer from a customer provided sample.


PEEK gear


PEEK part

PTFE Bellows

PTFE bellows

PTFE Diaphragms

PTFE diaphragms

Proven Materials in Food and Beverage

A combination of tight process control, accurate quality standards and a wide range of resin makes our PTFE and PEEK an ideal choice for the food and beverage industry today.

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