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Fluoropolymer Parts for Electronics and Semiconductors

Supplying the broadest range of products for a fast-moving industry

Materials for Semiconductors Application Challenges

Reduction of contamination, high precision production, Dechengwang PTFE and polymer parts can fulfill these challenging requirements with ten years of expertise in PTFE engineering and manufacturing.

No carrying of metal ions

Protection against aggressive media

Simple cleaning

Long service life

Typical Applications in Semiconductors Industry

PTFE insulation

01 PTFE insulator

PTFE insulator

02 PTFE insulator

We have set up a range of semiconductor parts with stock items or short-term availability to ensure that we meet all relevant industry requirements. The dimensions and tolerances that we offer for tubes designed to produce retaining rings are adapted to meet the specific requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Additionally, Dechengwang can provide full documentation and traceability on all materials. This is done by process control which is well proven in other sensitive industries and across all manufacturing types such as compounding, stock shapes and component production through injection molding and machining.

PTFE insulation

PTFE insulator

PTFE insulator

PTFE insulator

Proven Materials in Semiconductors

With the migration to bigger wafer dimensions, smaller chips with narrower sizes, our technicians are always looking for suitable materials to satisfy your requirements.

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