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PTFE Molding & Machining Techniques

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Fast Turnaround Machining Ensures Your Bulk Precision


Premium PTFE Compression Molding

We look ahead, just as our customers do. We are always looking for new, previously undiscovered applications and process. Our PTFE compression molding presses were custom designed for the particular molding characteristics of PTFE resins. We are top 3 PTFE molding experts in China.

Your Benefits

  • Cost-saving both for Time & material.
  • Clean molding room to ensure the purity
  • Rich experience on PTFE material and process.

What can Dechengwang Compression Molding work for you?

  • Basic shape including blocks, small plates (square or rectangular), short sections of rod & tube.
  • Near net shape: Shapes range from blank rough disks, to “near net shapes”(saving material and machining cost) and parts automatically molded complete to finished dimensions (no additional machining is required). Desired order quantities are large enough.
  • Purity PTFE molding. Clean molding room to ensure the purity.
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    Right for Small or Large Parts

    Our compression molding is ideal solution for contract manufacturing, with custom shapes and colors.


    Suit A Wide Range of Fluoroplastics

    PTFE, PTFE Compounds or any fluoropolymers can achieve best molding effects in our cleanroom compression.


    Industry Standard Tolerance

    Tightest tolerance of ±0.1mm, based upon part geometry, material selection and process.


    Flexible Production Volume

    From prototype to bulk production, our compression molding features no MOQ.

Other Machining Methods


Automatic Production

High speed precision auto machine is designed for produce machined plastic parts to max 25mm diameter. They are excellent for machining small precision parts.

ISO Manufacturing Standards + 10 Years of Experience


In-house design Tool and Die

Dechengwang in-house tool & die design is critical to our success. Our engineers are experts at tool & die design, and we utilize state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software for our die designing process and produce dies and associated tooling with the close-tolerance precision our customers demand.

We will work with you to create tooling that matches the exact specifications and volume requirements of your part.

Cost-Efficient Machining Plan

With PTFE parts machining, planning is especially critical. Dechengwang offers quick, cost-effective and easy machining planning and scheduling to reach meet the client's requirement.We help our customers cut down machining cost by recommending the most effective process method.

We help our customers cut down machining cost by recommending the most effective operation method and proper tooling materials.


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