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Automotive Fluoropolymer Parts

Reducing friction and lowering fuel efficiency and emissions

Materials for Automotive Application Challenges

High-performance plastics and engineering polymers are growing in popularity in the automotive industry as they can enhance wear performance and reduce the weight of contemporary automobiles. In comparison to their metal counterparts, they enjoy excellent properties in chemical resistance, which allows for a longer vehicle life.

Superior resistance to lubricants and fuels

Excellent thermal stability

Sealing at high rotational speeds

Good mechanical strengths

Typical Applications in Automotive Industry

PTFE Ball Valve seat

01 PTFE ball valve seat

PTFE Bellow

02 PTFE bellow

PTFE Guide Ring

03 PTFE guide ring

Our automotive fluoroplastics components are found throughout the construction of many trucks, cars, vans and motorcycles in vehicle braking systems, engines, and suspension. As the top manufacturer of PTFE and PEEK automotive engineering components, our parts are manufactured with impeccable accuracy to the highest tolerance levels, enabling heat expansion and contraction.

For manufacturers and suppliers of fluoroplastics components who need automotive plastic components, we are the unrivaled partner, producing quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standards.

PTFE Ball Valve seat

PTFE ball valve seat

PTFE Bellow

PTFE bellow

PTFE Guide Ring

PTFE guide ring

Proven Materials in Automotive

In extreme conditions such as elevated temperatures and aggressive chemical environments, PTFE and other engineered plastics materials can perform extraordinary physical properties.

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